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In other words is essentially miniaturized biotechnology whereas specific application of nanotechnology. Applications edit of are extremely widespread. Nanomedicine edit is field of medical science whose applications are increasing more and thanks to nanorobots biological machines which constitute very useful tool develop this area knowledge [...] 517

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U Mohammed Riyaz Sundarajan Deepan Krishnan Kathiravan . Bioactive bile salt capped silver nanoparticle activity against destructive plant pathogenic fungi through vitro system [...] 907

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These microbial processes have opened up new opportunities for us to explore novel applications example biosynthesis of metal nanomaterials. load t var sj appHTML function e if ildNodes moveChild for padding px margin [...] 1161

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Protein folding studies provide a third important avenue of research but one that has been largely inhibited by our inability to predict with sufficiently high degree accuracy. position relative endChild f null rror function place in if . Gold nanoparticles induced enhancement growth and seed yield of Brassica juncea [...] 373

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Top Subdomains . At the same time however an equal number of studies were reported with positive outcome nanoparticles which facilitate growth promoting nature to treat plant. Antoni S. In the st century humans have developed technology to artificially tap into nanobiology. Nanobiology from physics and engineering to [...] 618

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Hediat Salama . In contrast to chemical and physical methods microbial processes for synthesizing nanomaterials can be achieved aqueous phase under gentle environmentally benign conditions. Victor P [...] 1111

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Basically nanomaterials are distinguished depending on the origin natural incidental and engineered nanoparticles. G. In particular compared to other nanoparticles silver and gold based applications elicited beneficial results various plant species with less or toxicity. bit [...] 281

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In the past years researchers have made many improvements different devices and systems required to develop nanorobots. While nanobiology is in its infancy there are lot of promising methods that will rely on future [...]