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Right now one of the lowestlatency nondrifting accurate systems out there is highend from NDI which has about so ll use that for tracking . Also sensors with the required quality do exist in photographic image stabilization systems and should be usable for VR AR too. Switched to the Android [...] 388

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Reply MAbrash says January at pm I guess it would be possible to render the top row of tiles and send them display then next . Michael Reply Pauly says January at pm have also been thinking for while about lowering the resolution either fast moving objects screen movements from head but if that still not working you maybe would to implement eye tracking VR glasses themselves reduce everything else than what are focusing This worked TV with possible multiple users Imean will only looking anyway. D seems infeasible. To detect motion we use older neural pathways that aren part of conscious sight [...] 370

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Also note that with Riftstyle HMDs resolution is split between the eyes about Mpix stereo . IFMBE Proceedings. It surprised me that such small error could be so visible. HalfLife for the Dreamcast officially cancelled. A pleasure to virtually meet you Reply MAbrash says December at pm Nice hear from Back in the preInternet days when did most of my writing rarely got feedback anyone who read what wrote so always wondered if there was really out [...] 1128


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May . Or a combination of two impostors one for the static objects scene and dynamic ones would be ok. Everyone should upgrade. You could even start with an offthe shelf FPGA core just google for lcd controller which would save bunch startup time [...] 770

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Fixing the display to shoulders of user like sort degree bubble helmet we need track tilting rotation body still ok for cockpit sims. The data bandwidth for high resolution image multiple low images [...]