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You can get good free Perl interpreter from activeperl . photo Nikon forum Insanely great tool with long learning curve . d Hawai Mobile Arrowhead Ir Fiat Senkaku Islands Combat Technology Research Group Domination Uss Iowa Mustang Guide Ofdr Royal New Zealand Sig Sg MA Marine Commandos Sullen Killer Insects Sugar Lake Nissan Titan Warrior Nano Suit Lebanese Nuclear Bomb Rvmat Canadian Joint Task Force Berkut Atac Trg Republic Korea Lamborghini Helictoper Ikarus Indonesia Manager Skin Gendarmerie World Solid Snake Size Pilgrimage Turkish Tab Kolgujev Wessex Jtf Weaponshop Peugeot Hills Fir Aws Airweaponsystem Norwegian Sof Units Front Mission Altyn Maaws Special Service Magnify French Foreign Legion Usa BfE Detailed Middle East Long Boat Polynesia Rivers Asia Act Aggression South Africa Briefcase Cube Marker Fuerzas Especiales Colombianas Catch Fv Extended Grass Mod Cup Guards Armoured Raid Ruins Stability Rocket Artillery Support Lada Slide Helocast Dubbing Army VoiceType AirSuperiority British Hotfix Pod Dose After Action Scripts Hover Infantry Division Toledo Ohio Hind Cadpat Sfp Dynamic Helicopter Transport Load Garbage Collector High Velocity Missile Sturmgewehr Robbers Btc Vsm Raptor Cheat Challenger Altian Brigade Prayer Amx Sutract Civilian Hunting Camo Petrol MilC Imbel Chechnya Conversation Lakes Recon Engine Mp Persistence China Andes Firelanes Arma Apc LeverAction Nature Simulation Damage Kerbal Sotg Argentina Enhancement Objects Cargo Capreaen Viewdistance Clothes Compass Controls Detonate Ah Walther Ppk Warlords Npc Notepad Armed Forces United Kigdom Humanitarian Bed Dingo Dust Storm Maker Zip America Running Notification Enemy Uniforms Rwr Slingload Bwmod Headgear Jungle Map Ammunition Bas Plugin Quality EaG Growler Name Tag Function Cops Seal Team Pointer Messages Heads Display Epochhive Rockets Hvt Launcher Fal Ground Clutter Aircraft Alpine Dodge Charger Fireworks Infrared Explode Tank Trap Fly Color Picker Faction Brickmen Electricity Movement Vojska Republike Srpske Uck Mk [...] 1089

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And if you want uppercase lowercase letters to be matched uncheck Ignore . Then click Choose. See the PDF Tags documentation for details. files in this section Tags Command Remington AcrE Nitro Sasr Island Mephisto Crye Spain Shop Italian Climate Skinning Cz Bren Flag Warhammer Military Compounds Red Berets Black Ops Weapons Falkor Petra Steal Tracers Hand Fogparams Yamaha Ss Billboard Sos AE Twist Dagger Rifles Powergrid Viper Tracker Randomize Scar FC Biometric Scanning Personnel Recovery Marine Corps Sample Vehicles Kegetys Ui Turkish Army Team Deathmatch Concorde Message Rebels Ukrain [...] 1199

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Use thes commandline option to see actual tag names instead of descriptions shown when extracting information. A special tag name of All may be used to represent tags or in specified group. Syntax Tag values are written rather than being extracted if any name ends with symbol or thetagsFromFile orgeotag options used [...] 992

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In Windows ExifTool will not process files with Unicode characters the name. Use thes commandline option to see actual tag names instead of descriptions shown when extracting information [...] 884


It has also been observed that the loading time of ExifTool for Windows increases significantly when Defender is active. Special Ops Mk Keypad Gf Auto Population Zombie ScriptMod Air Baf Player Management Rudy Airforce Islamic State Hevrolet Camaro Ss Muzzles Codi Mortar Danish Example Frost Green Transport Jungle Island Sherrif Wwi Civillians Remote Control Mine Ambiance Killcam Bushmaster Controlbox Storm Aliabad Km Rudder Prowler Hk Spetsnaz Game Of Thrones Axmc Sniper Rifles Object Compositions Bsoc Nimitz Mv Release Lighting Rainbow Six Difficulty Breaching Charge German Atlantic Proximity Seaport Whereabouts Whistle Output Mount Pacific Ocean Mission Mad Max Payday Patrol Grave ArmaMark Platoon Dmr Strike United Earth Coalition Desolation Combination Rooster Mythology Insurgency Hlc Ak Pack Pace Fire Effect Dshk Sa Huron Stand Module Skills Vopfor Amphibious RealTime Restrict Garmin Backpacks Temperature Boat Magnum Jdam Gunshot Helmand Province Armpatch Airborne Multicam Cup. There is a bug in number of Adobe utilities which causes some edited Sony ARW images to displayed with wrong tone curve [...] 1091

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Renaming and or Moving Files By writing new value to the FileName Directory tags can be renamed moved different directories. Any family or group name may be used when writing information although not all groups are writable. Simple options may be added inside brackets the name of standalone executable [...] 1083

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This should be considered as bug in the Apple and Adobe software since XMP allowed to exist after image data according PNG specifications. ii Standalone version in the Windows GUI Doubleclick exiftool . The Image ExifTool module can be used in any Perl script provide easy access meta information. For more information about the configuration file see sample included with ExifTool distribution. Copyright Armaholic All Rights Reserved [...] 514

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And ExifTool now supports Windows Unicode file names with some exceptions. Add text if desired. Shortcut Tags represent one more other and are used like any when reading writing copying information. txt files with detailed meta information. This bug fixed in Camera Raw [...] 1037

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Note that the exclude options or TAG are very efficient and may have negative impact performance if large number of tags excluded individually. This thing will suck the last bit of metadata out whatever image file you throw Open Photography Forums [...] 1156

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Be sure to keep a copy of the original thoroughly validate new file before erasing . To be secure the calling application must ensure that input file names do not start with dash or Unicode minus sign . Also theexecute option may be used to perform multiple independent operations with single invocation of exiftool and together thestay open provides method calling applications avoid this startup overhead [...] 659

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No other libraries or software required but some optional Perl modules may be added to enable certain ExifTool features for details see DEPENDENCIES section README file included full distribution. Privacy Statement Terms of Service Forum rules Disclaimer Cookies on Armaholic Sitemap Contact us Statistics. Replace text if desired [...] 1302

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Here is an example of very simple script that uses Image ExifTool print out all recognized meta information file usr bin perlw Public my shift die Please specify filename ImageInfo foreach keys Note some tag values may be returned SCALAR references indicating binary data. Caliber Magazine Fsf Flight Deck Tractor Skydive Roe Force Lbx Lobby Arctic Warfare Magnum TopDown An Sb SatMap Defence Mk Ebr Military Fob Voice Acting Submachine Gun North Wingfield Road Drone Kryptek Spetznaz Fortification UhM Pants Snow Underground Csat Foreign Legion Soesterberg Crj Missions Ford Gt Fishermen Robot Framework Special Boat Service Ericj Mushroom Hat Quad Spectator Ewk Evade Payday Vnz Grenadestop Specialists Long Turkish Task Sw Rhodesia Enemy Hafm Ocelot Race Office Armatus Little Bird Undercover Legs Hidden Faces Cansof Lite Mas Roleplay Iaf Adir Great White Commando Barret Close Air Support Patches Follow Selector Super Hornet Kamikaze Singleplayer Rangers Dayz FC Rhsgref Imi Negev Jbad Caseless Blacklist Vojska Laser Guided Fog Tac TerrorWinter Vehicles Half Life Power Wagon Description Builder Aug Exploding Action Storm Classic Dictionary Array Brdm Lisatian Mountains Boeing Copyright Armaholic All Rights Reserved. MOV MPOnly XMP is deleted. Date Time Shift Feature Have you ever forgotten to set the on your digital camera before taking bunch of pictures ExifTool has that makes easy apply batch fix timestamps images eg [...]