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Orang Pendek Worm Monster September Josh and team search for the elusive foot tall . push while t. Ghosts of Antarctica April . This leaves one to wonder if the same creature could have left print Quines and then made hasty retreat Ovando or there are two Bigfootlike beasts that suddenly inexplicably become active Argentina [...] 788

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Ninki Nanka Kikiyaon October Josh and team conduct simultaneous investigation The Gambia as they try hunt down two mythical creatures once giant dragonheaded lizard owl . Chullachaqui Bermuda Triangle October Josh goes Peru hunt for devillike creature called the with Ghost Hunters International investigators Robb Demarest and Dustin Pari joining expedition [...] 942

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Ghosts of Cannibal Village Kapre July Josh and team travel to Suva Fiji investigate the alleged spirits Nabutautau former once visited by English missionary Reverend Thomas Baker who ended up one their victims. Next he investigates magnetic anomalies the Bermuda Triangle that focus team on mysterious and widely shunned island of Bimini [...] 1294

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Jungle Temple Ghosts Namibian Night Stalker April . Guam Zombies Fangalobolo October Josh and team return the island of Madagascar on hunt for giant batlike creature called . l c b return var o lightboxjs k window quire dules Log InNot Coast Insider Member Sign up Forgot Password Learn more about Live Nightly amam EST pmam PST Shows Past Upcoming Classic Somewhere Time Guests George Noory TV Knapp News Articles the Polls Media Videos Photos Local Stations YouTube Events Store Merchandise Newsletter Paranormal Date Conspiracy Mobile SHARE Advertisement Home Second Bigfoot Print Found Argentina March By Binnall this month mysterious humanoid footprint has been once again Bigfootlike creature suspected of being source. end new Date Image c Url if var [...] 32


While that hypothesis was not specifically stated by principal players involved case it seemingly broached individuals looking this new print found Ovando. in var c body e h if return setTimeout q . The discovery of marking was particularly concerning to residents area because it found after strange event which farm normallycalm dogs began panicking middle night [...] 132

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In the next segment team travels to Belize search for Tata Duende small goblinlike creature said have feet. Hanging Coffins Kazakh Monster August . Tuesday Cable Ratings [...] 715

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Flying Dinosaur Sloth Monster April Josh goes into the Amazon Rainforest search of Mapinguary giant ground slothlike creature that is depicted as having single eye mouth located its stomach and emitting foul odor. Siberian Snowman October Josh and team trek into Russia southern wilderness near Kazakhstan on hunt for Almasa large hominid described similar Yeti of Nepal Sasquatch North America. Alien Invaders Swedish Lake Monster July Josh and team search for UFOs the forests of Kazakhstan where villagers from nearby Razdolnoye report seeing strange lights sky vapor trails flying saucers mysterious creatures [...] 1171

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Orang Pendek Worm Monster September Josh and team search for the elusive foot tall . inseason Title Original air date Iguanodon June Papua New Guinea Josh searches for Iguanadon the jungles near village of Tinganavudu. Then s off to Gobi Desert hunt for Mongolian Death Worm creature feet . Haunted Cave Burrunjor September In Indonesia Josh and team go ghost hunting that is rumored to local villagers are afraid enter [...] 944

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Push while t. Hanging Coffins Kazakh Monster August . El Lobizon Pombero July In Argentina Josh searches for werewolves which are of such concern that the Argentinian president supposedly baptizes seventh son born family to purge curse [...] 311

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Then Josh is off to Lesotho in search Tokoloshe an apelike being with enormous eyes said appear and vanish ghost. m tall humanoid creatures that local villagers say are both plant and animal [...] 23


By using this site you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Jeffrey Meldrum who deems it a significant discovery. Afterward he goes to an Egyptian village in search of wolflike creature called the Sal awa that locals claim is responsible for attacks upon children. head r for i var t sj et n if [...]